Receiving a Spouse Visa Refusal is not only stressful but can be very expensive. Unfortunately, the costs of these applications have been on the rise for many years now and will most probably rise further, that is why it’s important you get it right the first time. 


So here are 5 common refusal points and how to avoid them; 


  1. Insufficient Evidence of Relationship 


The Home Office needs to be sure that your relationship is both genuine and subsisting. This means that the relationship is real and is still ongoing. Many applicants think that it should be obvious their relationship is real and don’t give this point enough importance. It is imperative you do not make this mistake. The Home Office will not assume anything about your relationship, you must provide evidence. The Home Office employee who will be making the decision on your case does not know you, doesn’t know your spouse and doesn’t know your relationship. All they know about your relationship is based on the evidence that you send to them. You can avoid this refusal point by providing the Home Office with as much evidence as you possibly can. Give evidence of communication you have had with your spouse before and after your marriage, any finances you have together, birth certificates of any children, photographs, evidence of the wedding day, letters from friends and family etc. It may be sometime after your marriage that you make an application to the Home Office, so it’s important you demonstrate how you have maintained your relationship. The buzzword to avoiding this refusal point is evidence, the more evidence you can give the less likely it is the Home Office will refuse your Spouse Visa Application on this point. 


  1. Financial Requirement 


The infamous financial requirement rules for a spouse visa have been litigated all the way to the Supreme Court and can be very complex if you are not sure what documents you need to provide. Firstly, you need to be sure how much income your spouse needs to show. If you are applying with no dependent children then the income threshold is £18,600.If you are applying with dependent children you must prove an additional £3,800 for the first child and an increase of £2,400 for each additional child. 


The evidence you provide depends on how you are showing you are meeting the income threshold. For example you may be employed, self employed, have cash savings, have rental income etc. It is highly advisable to download the Financial Requirement guide from the Home Office website and make sure you gather as much of the documents that apply to your case. Remember, it’s your job to prove that you meet the income threshold. Also if there are any inconsistencies or the financial documents are incomplete the Home Office will be quick to refuse the application. 

  1. Not Providing Evidence of Adequate Accommodation 


Under the immigration rules you need to demonstrate that you and your spouse have somewhere to live when you settle in the United Kingdom. Whether this is the  home of your spouse, the home of your spouse’s parents or rented accommodation remember to include proof that this accommodation is available and is suitable for you and your spouse to live in. For example if you are planning to move into your spouse’s parents home it’s always a good idea to get a letter from the parents saying that they are happy for you and your spouse to live there and proof that they own or rent the property. This is a refusal point that can be easily avoided so make sure to get the necessary documents. 


  1. English Language Certificate 


If you are making an application from a country that requires you to provide an English Language Certificate make sure it is the correct one. Check the latest guidance on what English Language Certificate you require and the list of approved test centres. It is definitely recomendable to get your English language Certificate early as possible in your application process. Without the correct English Language Certificate your application will be refused. This also goes for a Tuberculosis Test Certificate, if you require one. 


  1. Not Providing Certified English Translations 


This could be a certified english translation of the marriage certificate but also could be for other vital documents you are planning on relying on. Be on the safe side and use a professional and experienced translating company. 


Remember to take your time when submitting a Spouse Visa application and double check everything before sending it off. Sometimes the smallest of errors can lead to thousands of pounds in resubmitting and months of delays.  

If you need some professional assistance get in touch with our experienced team today. 

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